Change in Focus for Amnesty International

Bruce Furst, with a Juris Doctorate of Law works as president of entertainment licensing group Ashber Corporation, believes in giving back to the world community. To this end, Bruce Furst stands out as an active supporter of Amnesty International.

Since the call to action that inspired its founding in 1961, Amnesty International has urged individuals to speak up for the human rights of others. Now, a developing shift in global politics and power is leading the organization to recalibrate its focus. As BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South America) countries build their influence and traditional powers struggle with economic concerns, Amnesty International is working toward increasing its presence in these emerging regions.

In addition, Amnesty International is seeking out communities in the BRICS countries that are striving for social change and human rights. The organization is also investigating where its services are most needed so that it can respond rapidly when its assistance is required. New Amnesty International offices across the world, which coordinate and collaborate with the organization’s main office in London, will aim to further strengthen Amnesty’s presence in the regions of greatest concern and thus optimize organizational efforts in light of the contemporary political environment.