Harvard College Hosts Several Parent Engagement Activities


Harvard College Fund Parents Committee pic
Harvard College Fund Parents Committee
Image: alumni.harvard.edu

An experienced entertainment industry executive, Bruce Furst serves as the president of Ashber Corporation, a music- and film-licensing company based in Austin, Texas. Alongside his professional activities, Bruce Furst dedicates his time and resources to the Harvard College Parents Fund, which supports programs and activities that help Harvard parents connect with and stay involved in their children’s education.

With support from the Harvard College Fund Parents Committee, Harvard College holds several regional as well as on-campus parent-engagement events throughout the year. For parents of students just beginning their Harvard experience, the college hosts Freshman Family Weekend, which gives parents and other family members the opportunity to meet with the faculty, take in a Harvard football game, and join other parents and students at receptions and other events.

Later on in their students’ education, parents can attend Junior Family Weekend to learn more about Harvard’s various extracurricular and social offerings. In addition to activities that give parents a glimpse into college life, Harvard hosts several events to celebrate those who have supported the school. These events include the Associates Reception and Parents Leadership Weekend in the spring and the President’s Associates Dinner, which is held on the eve of the Harvard-Yale football game each fall.


The Release of Phyoe Phyoe Aung

Phyoe Phyoe Aung pic
Phyoe Phyoe Aung
Image: amnesty.org

The president of the Ashber Corporation, Bruce Furst licenses music for use in film productions and negotiates various film rights/distribution agreements. Outside of the professional arena, Bruce Furst is an avid supporter of Amnesty International.

In addition to tackling a range of general human rights issues through a number of large international campaigns, Amnesty focuses on specific individuals who are at risk because of “who they are” or “what they believe.” One such case was the unjust imprisonment of student leader Phyoe Phyoe Aung.

Ms. Aung faced an interminable amount of time in prison for her role in organizing and leading a series of peaceful marches in Myanmar. Culminating in a March 2015 clash with police, these marches protested a new federal law in that placed significant limitations on academic freedom.

Arrested in this clash, Ms. Aung was ultimately detained by the Myanmar government for more than a year. She was quickly declared a prisoner of conscience by states and organizations around the world. As part of its global letter-writing marathon Write for Rights, Amnesty International generated approximately 394,000 letters, emails, tweets and other forms of correspondence in support of Ms. Aung. A Myanmar court dropped all charges against Ms. Aung in April 2016.

Amnesty International – Supporting Both Individuals and Groups

Amnesty International pic
Amnesty International
Image: amnesty.org

Bruce Furst is the president of Ashber Corporation, an entertainment licensing firm based through which he has signed notable celebrities such as Christina Aguilera. In his time away from work, Bruce Furst finds time to support a selection of charitable organizations, including Amnesty International.

Amnesty International is a global nonprofit organization that is dedicated to promoting justice for human rights. Established in 1960 in London, England, Amnesty International has since grown to become the largest organization of its kind, even receiving the Nobel Peace Prize for its continuous efforts to expose and protect human life and dignity.

Though Amnesty International pursues a wide range of campaigns, events, and causes, one of its longest-standing campaigns is its Individuals at Risk program. Individuals at Risk focuses on specific people across the world who are being targeted for their beliefs, ethnicity, gender, work, or other factors. The campaign involves a constantly updating stream of individuals and news of their situations, and allows volunteers to help either with donations, increasing awareness, or creating events.

Amnesty International’s Campaign to End Capital Punishment

Amnesty International pic
Amnesty International
Image: amnesty.org

For more than 15 years, Bruce Furst has served as president and executive producer of films and music albums at Ashber Corporation in Austin, Texas. In addition to staying busy with this work, Bruce Furst supports Amnesty International, a world-renowned human-rights organization.

One of Amnesty’s current campaigns focuses on abolishing capital punishment worldwide. According to the organization, many judicial systems upholding capital punishment propagate prejudiced attitudes, such as racial and economic bias, which arbitrarily determine who receives the death penalty. In addition, statistics show a majority of death-row inmates in the United States cannot afford attorneys, and an overwhelming number of executions are carried out in the South.

Amnesty indicates that abolishing the death penalty will ultimately terminate the cycle of violence and eliminate the potential for unjust discrimination. In supporting this cause, Amnesty works with individual cases of injustice in the United States, offers support for repeal efforts, and educates communities. For further information on Amnesty’s campaign to end capital punishment, visit www.AmnestyUSA.org.