Americans on Mars by 2030?

Mars pic


President of the Ashber Corporation since 2000, Bruce Furst has produced a range of film/musical recording projects and licensed the use of specific musical content for use in motion pictures. Bruce Furst has also set his sights on outer space through his business efforts with iRoc, a company that protects the rights of member artists by establishing licensing and royalty agreements for the public performances of copyrighted works in areas beyond the Earth’s stratosphere, including all planets within the Milky Way Galaxy.

This coverage is likely to become more and more relevant and valuable in coming years if former President Barack Obama’s plans to reach Mars become a reality. A year after NASA discovered flowing water on Mars, President Obama set a clear goal to send human beings to our neighboring red planet by the end of the 2030s. Although the plan will initially entail short, round-trip journeys back to Earth, these initial voyages will pave the way for more ambitious, long-term stays. To accomplish the monumental feat of trans-planetary travel, the US will build upon a well-established spirit of cooperation between the public and private aerospace sectors.