Amnesty International – Supporting Both Individuals and Groups

Amnesty International pic

Amnesty International

Bruce Furst is the president of Ashber Corporation, an entertainment licensing firm based through which he has signed notable celebrities such as Christina Aguilera. In his time away from work, Bruce Furst finds time to support a selection of charitable organizations, including Amnesty International.

Amnesty International is a global nonprofit organization that is dedicated to promoting justice for human rights. Established in 1960 in London, England, Amnesty International has since grown to become the largest organization of its kind, even receiving the Nobel Peace Prize for its continuous efforts to expose and protect human life and dignity.

Though Amnesty International pursues a wide range of campaigns, events, and causes, one of its longest-standing campaigns is its Individuals at Risk program. Individuals at Risk focuses on specific people across the world who are being targeted for their beliefs, ethnicity, gender, work, or other factors. The campaign involves a constantly updating stream of individuals and news of their situations, and allows volunteers to help either with donations, increasing awareness, or creating events.