Amnesty International’s Campaign to End Capital Punishment

Amnesty International pic

Amnesty International

For more than 15 years, Bruce Furst has served as president and executive producer of films and music albums at Ashber Corporation in Austin, Texas. In addition to staying busy with this work, Bruce Furst supports Amnesty International, a world-renowned human-rights organization.

One of Amnesty’s current campaigns focuses on abolishing capital punishment worldwide. According to the organization, many judicial systems upholding capital punishment propagate prejudiced attitudes, such as racial and economic bias, which arbitrarily determine who receives the death penalty. In addition, statistics show a majority of death-row inmates in the United States cannot afford attorneys, and an overwhelming number of executions are carried out in the South.

Amnesty indicates that abolishing the death penalty will ultimately terminate the cycle of violence and eliminate the potential for unjust discrimination. In supporting this cause, Amnesty works with individual cases of injustice in the United States, offers support for repeal efforts, and educates communities. For further information on Amnesty’s campaign to end capital punishment, visit