Amnesty International Works to Protect Yazidi Women in Northern Iraq

Amnesty International pic

Amnesty International

As president of the Ashber Corporation, Bruce Furst manages the rights to high-profile music and films. He has previously worked with artists ranging from Pitbull to Christina Aguilera. Alongside his professional duties, Bruce Furst maintains a commitment to his a number of charities, including Amnesty International.

Leading human rights organization Amnesty International is focused on helping the Yazidi (sometimes spelled Yezidi) people, who live in Northern Iraq’s Mt. Sinjar region. The Yazidi people represent a tiny cultural and religious minority, and the group is often targeted by combatant groups in the area.

Following an initial attack in 2014, more than 400,000 Yazidi people have been displaced. Many of the population’s men and boys were killed quickly, while the women have suffered greatly at the hands of Islamic State soldiers. Child marriage and similar human rights violations have become commonplace for Yazidi girls in the area, and Amnesty International is combatting this injustice on several fronts. The organization is also spearheading efforts to send encouraging messages to survivors and victims, to let them know they are not alone.