Amnesty International My Body My Rights Campaign

A graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles, and holding a bachelor’s degree and a juris doctor, Bruce Furst serves as president of the entertainment-licensing company Ashber Corporation. Away from his professional responsibilities, Bruce Furst supports charitable organizations like Amnesty International.

Amnesty International has recently begun a global campaign against the issue of violence on women as part of the organization’s My Body My Rights movement, which will extend into 2015. The global campaign will find its way to Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, and the Western Sahara, as well as other nations whose legal definitions of rape and sexual assault fall far short of global standards. Amnesty International will also head to Egypt, where women almost universally have reported experiencing some form of sexual harassment during their lifetime, while just under 50 percent have been victims of physical or domestic abuse.

The My Body My Rights movement is rooted in a few key concepts, all of which emphasize a woman’s right to control the health of her body and any decision that might impact that level of health. Spreading information about these decisions is one part of My Body My Rights, while combating the fear of violence and harassment that certain choices carry is an equally important aspect of the international initiative. To learn more about the campaign and various Amnesty International events, visit