Bruce Furst Recognizes Talent

Bruce Furst, the President of Ashber Corporation, was the executive producer for the 2006, film Fly Kidz. During casting, Mr. Furst discovered two talented young actors who would eventually go on to major Hollywood success: Booboo Stewart and Adam Sevani.

Why did you choose Booboo Stewart for a role in Fly Kidz?

Well, Booboo has some amazing dance moves, as you can see in the movie. But I also recall that he had a very strong work ethic and an easygoing personality.

What kind of success has Booboo achieved since starring in Fly Kidz?

Following our movie, Booboo went on to do stunts in the 2007, film Beowulf. Around that time he also started his career as a recording artist; he went on tour with the Jonas Brothers. He also found success as a model and more recently he has had feature roles in the three newest Twilight movies.

What was it like working with Adam Sevani?

Adam was another actor who I selected when casting for Fly Kidz. When I met him I could tell he had the potential to become a leading man in Hollywood, although he was young at the time. In fact, I remember talking him through his very first shave during the filming of Fly Kidz! Of course he later went on to land major roles in Step Up 2, Step up 3D, and the upcoming Step Up 4. I was happy to help launch his career.