Past and Present Achievements of Amnesty International

Bruce Furst currently serves as president of the Austin TX-based licensing company Ashber Corporation. Outside of his professional life, Bruce Furst interacts with a number of charitable organizations, including Amnesty International.

Amnesty International is dedicated to upholding and protecting human rights all over the globe. The group’s membership tops 3 million and it has supporters in over 150 countries. As both an action- and advocacy-focused organization, Amnesty International takes great pride in its achievements, dating back to a 1961 article in The Observer written by a British lawyer. The article discussed the plight of two Portuguese students who were imprisoned simply for toasting to freedom. Reprinted in newspapers and journals all over the world, the article sparked the first Amnesty International campaign.

More recently, the organization supported the people of India in their fight against a multinational corporation set on mining in the Niyamgiri Hills. Local residents claimed that the mining posed a threat to their lives, and Amnesty International took up the cause. After the printing and distribution of the report “Don’t mine us out of existence,” the Indian government rejected the mining bid.