Amnesty International Encourages Volunteers to Act Online

As president and chief executive officer of Ashber Corporation based in Las Vegas, Nevada, Bruce Furst oversees music licenses for motion pictures and assists with film distribution. Since founding the company in 2000, he has helped artists like Christina Aguilera and Tony Bennett create noteworthy musical hits, and he produced the number-one selling album in the world in 2006. A resident of Las Vegas, Bruce Furst also reaches out to the global community by supporting organizations like Amnesty International.

Founded in 1961, Amnesty International focuses on protecting human rights with the assistance of its 3 million members, who are scattered across more than 150 countries. In order to provide every person in the world with the same international human rights standards through fact-based campaigns, it speaks with victims, interviews officials, informs the media, and publicizes its findings to spread the word about its mission.

The organization relies heavily on volunteers, who can register online through its Activism Centre. On the website, at, volunteers can sign online petitions and receive updates on specific campaigns arranged by the organization. For example, in early 2014, volunteers could support youth activists in Azerbaijan, or help to bring justice to a family in Greece by halting hate crimes. They could also take steps toward ending mandatory death penalties in Barbados.