Amnesty International, Women’s Rights in Afghanistan

President of the Ashber Corporation in the field of entertainment licensing, Bruce Furst has more than 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry. In addition to his career, Bruce Furst is involved with a number of charitable organizations, including Amnesty International.

Amnesty international is a human rights organization that works to protect people across the world from abuses of their basic human rights, including civil, political, social, cultural, and economic rights. With its headquarters in London, England, the organization has more than 3 million supporters in 150 countries, working together to earn respect of human rights for all.

Recently Amnesty International urged the United States to take action to ensure gains in women’s rights in Afghanistan. More than 10 years after the United States and its allies entered Afghanistan with a goal of protecting human rights, much work needs to be done to create safeguards to uphold those rights into the future.

Despite the United Nations’ campaign for Elimination of Violence Against Women, begun in 2009, violence against women is still widespread. Amnesty International calls for a clear plan of action that provides equality for men and women within any reconciliation agreement between the United States and Afghanistan..