Bruce Furst and Amnesty International

When not busy with his multifaceted entertainment business activities, Bruce Furst likes to follow the international endeavors of the human rights organization Amnesty International. Amnesty International is a non-profit, independently financed organization founded by a private citizen in 1961. British lawyer Peter Benenson noticed a newspaper story about two students in Portugal jailed because they made a toast to freedom. In response, Benenson suggested to readers of the newspaper that they send letters to the governments of “prisoners of conscience” worldwide, little knowing that his humble proposal would influence a reaction that would have resonance over 50 years later.

Since its inception, Amnesty International has located itself in over 150 different countries, and boasts over 3 million international supporters, as well as 250,000 in the United States alone. Amnesty International aims to save the lives of prisoners of conscience around the world, but it also serves to expose human rights abuses, no matter where they may occur, to the public at large. With Amnesty International’s attention and assistance, as well as the vocal support of its numerous contributors, over tens of thousands of unjustly detained political prisoners have been freed, demonstrating the importance of the organization’s vigilance, and the necessity of supporters like Bruce Furst.

About Bruce Furst:
Based in Las Vegas, Bruce Furst runs a company that licenses music to films. He has also produced movies and music himself.