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Las Vegas, Nevada, resident Bruce Furst balances his busy career as President of Ashber Corporation, an entertainment licensing firm, by participating in and contributing to a variety of nonprofits, including the University of California, Los Angeles’ Alumni Association, Amnesty International, and Harvard University’s Parents Fund. Bruce Furst’s contributions to Amnesty International support efforts worldwide to encourage human rights, and combat those who oppress civil liberties.

Headquartered in London, Amnesty International boasts 2.8 million supporters and activists in 150 different countries and regions. Amnesty International’s ultimate mission is to see all of the world’s people living according to the principles laid out in the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Amnesty International sets out to accomplish this objective through research and action that includes appealing to governments and political entities to end abuse and uphold civil liberties. Supported through private contributions, Amnesty International confronts acts of violence against women, aids those living in poverty, opposes the death penalty and torture, and lobbies to better organize the arms trade.

In situations of dire importance, Amnesty International institutes Urgent Action appeals to members, calling for financial assistance to help a country, group, or individual in immediate danger. Established by British lawyer Peter Benenson in 1961, Amnesty International began as an appeal, published in numerous newspapers across the world, to eliminate torture, execution, and other wrongful acts by states against their peoples. Amnesty International organized its first research trip to Ghana, followed by subsequent expeditions to Czechoslovakia, Portugal, and East Germany. In 1962, Amnesty International members founded the Prisoners of Conscience Fund, which helps meet the needs of prisoners and their families. One year later, Amnesty International grew to 350 chapters worldwide.

In recent years, Amnesty International’s achievements include petitioning the Sudanese government to better protect the residents of Darfur, and launching Make Some Noise: The Campaign to Save Darfur. Additionally, Amnesty International played an important role in convincing the United Nations General Assembly to adopt a global resolution calling for a moratorium on death sentences. Learn more at

Post by: Bruce Furst


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